Friday, April 30, 2010

Icecream; Parks; And loads of fun!

So recently ive made LOTS of trips to Encanto Park. Infact; i made one this morning! I went with my friend Belle and my baby sister Macy. It was a lot of fun. Belle came over to my house afterwards to hang out for a bit and she just left and my dad just got home. So now i am posting this while eating Vanilla Bean Frappucino icecream (from Starbucks; obviously.) Tonight is Evening of the Arts at Bio Science. So i get to go and watch some of my friends perform their songs/recite poetry and much more! Tomorrow is Girls Camp Certification from 9am-Noon. So thats 3 hours of pre-girls camp madness! Macy is beginning to get so big. Its crazy. She is talking and starting to go into mimic mode. ASA is loads of fun. We are preparing for Showcase right now. For those of you who dont know what Showcase is its our big final concert at the end of the year. And this year it is at Symphony Hall! Im so excited. Well. Adios! My papa calls for me!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Holy crud its been a long time since ive posted.
Although i doubt anyone reads it.
So it doesnt really matter.
But it does to me! Because my self-conscious-ness makes me think "Post on the blog...The readers are waiting!"
Gosh im weird:)
So AIMS is finished. It was super easy i almost thought it was a joke. Tuesday was my last choir concert until Showcase. And that made me sad): But Showcase is gonna be da bombbb! So recently ive started sitting with the sixth graders at lunch, and they are LOADS of fun! I love them. Especially Yulee and Allison! They're the best. Nothing has majorly happened recently... Other than Connor's news.
Connor is going to be leaving June 28th 2010 for Basic Training for the Military and coming back on September 13th 2010. However, he is coming to visit Phoenix this summer!! That makes me SOOOO happy. Because really ive missed him. A LOT.
Coco and I have hung out a bazillion times already this year its funny. We dont even do anything and yet we have so much fun! I love her.
Easter was amazing. And Katrina's baby Rosie was born April 12 2010. She is the most darling thing ever. Im so happy for Katrina.
I love my friends so much right now. They have been AMAZING to me lately and its really helped me a lot.
So thank you to Kody, Coco, Alexa, Connor, David, Ariel, Emma, Meghan, and everyone else!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Recently I saw the movie Sherlock Holmes. This movie was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Flat out amazing. The plot is laid out great. The characters are awesome. Robert Downey Jr. does such a fantastic job. If you can rent it I suggest you do because you'll fall in love with it. We bought it on blu-ray and it came with a DVD and a computer download of it so we could put it on our iPod:) We're watching it right now!! WATCH IT. You must. THE LLAMA COMMANDS IT!