Tuesday, June 15, 2010

S(U)M(ME)R 2010

Ahhhh. Summer 2010 is finally HERE!! And before I know it it will be GONE. But I've been using it wisely so far!! Ive hung out with my friend Bianca. Ive hung out with Jordan. And this week every day (mon-fri) im hanging out with Kody, Kaitlyn, and Alexa. Its Harry Potter Education Week o: So exciting right?? Saturday is the ward/branch talent show. Im singing...a song. Havent fully decided yet! Then next week is GIRLS CAMP!!! Loads of fun right!? Im super excited!! In July we have a family reunion in San Diego, California. Which is also loads of fun! I swear. This is probably the best summer EVER. New decade. So its kinda gotta rock right? I love the summer tons. Swimming. Bathing suits. Flipflops. Koolaid. Late nights. Sleeping. Hanging out <3>