Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

Military all around: This season you can’t go wrong when it comes to the military inspired fashion trends!! Cargo pants, tapered khaki’s and military jackets are IN! Pair them with a sweet&stylish camisole, lots of jewelry and a pair of gorgeous brown leather boots. If the military style is not your thing try to work the color palette into your wardrobe. Khaki, olive and green are the usual military colors.

Perfectly Plaid Shirts:
Every few years’ plaid makes a stylish comeback, this year it has! The hottest trends in plaid this season include tailored, fun, flirty and feminine shirts. Plaid shirts can be worn with denim, leggings, or JEGGINGS! Pair them with a crisp tank and cashmere cardigan. When paired with plaid, tank tops and cardigans or sweaters should be worn in a complimentary color or better yet, in a simple black or white shade!

Fun and Funky Nails: BRIGHT NAILS! Their all the rage now! Totally in! At Urban Outfitters they now sell these stickers that you put over your nails then you file them down and PRESTO! Insta-Gorgeous nails! Katy Perry was recently seen wearing them with pictures of her fiance on them. No more fake nails and glue! Metallic nails are in too! Having silver or gold nails. Or glitter!

Animal Prints:
Animal prints are all in! Whether its on a jacket or a shirt or BAGS! The popular animal prints lately have been zebra and cheetah. But thats like almost all there is! Except for like cow or dalmation! Animal FURS though i think are a NO!

Aviator Jackets fly back on the shelves this season in soft leather and plenty of shearling. Gigantic collars and lashings of buckles give these vintage flying jackets a very modern-day feel. Their cute to pair over a cute little dress or a tank and a cute skirt/skinnies!

Hope you've enjoyed! (:

Trend Alert: Ankle Socks with Heels are BACK!!

Socks and heels are BACK!!! I think their cute. If i wore HEELS! Im too much of a klutz to wear any heels so that is a NO-GO trend for me! But i think their totally cute! Who knows. Maybe i try being a little more careful and i could pull it off(:

Jeggings; A do or a dont?

Jeggings are a DO!! I think their cute and their just like skinny jeans but more comfortable and a THOUSAND times skinnier!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hobo Chic; Do or Dont?

In my opinion the new Hobo Chic look is a DONT!! Why would you TRY to look like a hobo? Its just not at all attractive with all the different types of plaids and everything.

New Topics!

OK So i joined our school's Fashion Club run by the marvelous Ruby Taylor SO She said if you want to get anywhere in fashion, that you need a website! So this is going to be mine. Ill be posting my opinions on current trends, and pictures of all the cute new clothes i get! (: Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


School is almost HERE! I'm so excited for it. A new year a new start! 8th grade is going to be AWESOME! Our teachers are pretty cool and I'm so excited to meet new people and see all of my old friends. Last year was awesome and this year is gonna be better. A few things have changed here and there but I'm excited! (In case you didn't know I am going to Arizona School for the Arts. A performing arts school and one of the best schools EVAAA!)


Mindy Gledhill. If you don't know who this is, you need to search her on YouTube. She is one of my absolute favourite singers now. AND she is LDS. Her songs are inspiring and uplifting and they are just awesone(: She is awesome. We bought one of her entire albums a few days ago and we've just listened to it over and over again.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

S(U)M(ME)R 2010

Ahhhh. Summer 2010 is finally HERE!! And before I know it it will be GONE. But I've been using it wisely so far!! Ive hung out with my friend Bianca. Ive hung out with Jordan. And this week every day (mon-fri) im hanging out with Kody, Kaitlyn, and Alexa. Its Harry Potter Education Week o: So exciting right?? Saturday is the ward/branch talent show. Im singing...a song. Havent fully decided yet! Then next week is GIRLS CAMP!!! Loads of fun right!? Im super excited!! In July we have a family reunion in San Diego, California. Which is also loads of fun! I swear. This is probably the best summer EVER. New decade. So its kinda gotta rock right? I love the summer tons. Swimming. Bathing suits. Flipflops. Koolaid. Late nights. Sleeping. Hanging out <3>

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Formspring Haters

Okay so lately me and most of my friends have had these accounts. And seriously. There are LOADS of haters on there. I mean c'mon. Man up and say it to our faces rather than over the internet right?? So heres to the haters:
*ahem* Now that that is over.
Formspring is a LOT of fun with your friends. You ask each other silly things or just make up a bunch of stuff. Its not always questions! But seriously. The haters need to stop drinking their haterade and either stop sayin' stuff PERIOD or say it to our faces. Cause man i am getting tired of all of it. I havent even been that effected by it compared to most my friends. But its just lame.
So if you're a hater;
We're onto you. And seriously. Its not doing hardly anything to us.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Icecream; Parks; And loads of fun!

So recently ive made LOTS of trips to Encanto Park. Infact; i made one this morning! I went with my friend Belle and my baby sister Macy. It was a lot of fun. Belle came over to my house afterwards to hang out for a bit and she just left and my dad just got home. So now i am posting this while eating Vanilla Bean Frappucino icecream (from Starbucks; obviously.) Tonight is Evening of the Arts at Bio Science. So i get to go and watch some of my friends perform their songs/recite poetry and much more! Tomorrow is Girls Camp Certification from 9am-Noon. So thats 3 hours of pre-girls camp madness! Macy is beginning to get so big. Its crazy. She is talking and starting to go into mimic mode. ASA is loads of fun. We are preparing for Showcase right now. For those of you who dont know what Showcase is its our big final concert at the end of the year. And this year it is at Symphony Hall! Im so excited. Well. Adios! My papa calls for me!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Holy crud its been a long time since ive posted.
Although i doubt anyone reads it.
So it doesnt really matter.
But it does to me! Because my self-conscious-ness makes me think "Post on the blog...The readers are waiting!"
Gosh im weird:)
So AIMS is finished. It was super easy i almost thought it was a joke. Tuesday was my last choir concert until Showcase. And that made me sad): But Showcase is gonna be da bombbb! So recently ive started sitting with the sixth graders at lunch, and they are LOADS of fun! I love them. Especially Yulee and Allison! They're the best. Nothing has majorly happened recently... Other than Connor's news.
Connor is going to be leaving June 28th 2010 for Basic Training for the Military and coming back on September 13th 2010. However, he is coming to visit Phoenix this summer!! That makes me SOOOO happy. Because really ive missed him. A LOT.
Coco and I have hung out a bazillion times already this year its funny. We dont even do anything and yet we have so much fun! I love her.
Easter was amazing. And Katrina's baby Rosie was born April 12 2010. She is the most darling thing ever. Im so happy for Katrina.
I love my friends so much right now. They have been AMAZING to me lately and its really helped me a lot.
So thank you to Kody, Coco, Alexa, Connor, David, Ariel, Emma, Meghan, and everyone else!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Recently I saw the movie Sherlock Holmes. This movie was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Flat out amazing. The plot is laid out great. The characters are awesome. Robert Downey Jr. does such a fantastic job. If you can rent it I suggest you do because you'll fall in love with it. We bought it on blu-ray and it came with a DVD and a computer download of it so we could put it on our iPod:) We're watching it right now!! WATCH IT. You must. THE LLAMA COMMANDS IT!