Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

Military all around: This season you can’t go wrong when it comes to the military inspired fashion trends!! Cargo pants, tapered khaki’s and military jackets are IN! Pair them with a sweet&stylish camisole, lots of jewelry and a pair of gorgeous brown leather boots. If the military style is not your thing try to work the color palette into your wardrobe. Khaki, olive and green are the usual military colors.

Perfectly Plaid Shirts:
Every few years’ plaid makes a stylish comeback, this year it has! The hottest trends in plaid this season include tailored, fun, flirty and feminine shirts. Plaid shirts can be worn with denim, leggings, or JEGGINGS! Pair them with a crisp tank and cashmere cardigan. When paired with plaid, tank tops and cardigans or sweaters should be worn in a complimentary color or better yet, in a simple black or white shade!

Fun and Funky Nails: BRIGHT NAILS! Their all the rage now! Totally in! At Urban Outfitters they now sell these stickers that you put over your nails then you file them down and PRESTO! Insta-Gorgeous nails! Katy Perry was recently seen wearing them with pictures of her fiance on them. No more fake nails and glue! Metallic nails are in too! Having silver or gold nails. Or glitter!

Animal Prints:
Animal prints are all in! Whether its on a jacket or a shirt or BAGS! The popular animal prints lately have been zebra and cheetah. But thats like almost all there is! Except for like cow or dalmation! Animal FURS though i think are a NO!

Aviator Jackets fly back on the shelves this season in soft leather and plenty of shearling. Gigantic collars and lashings of buckles give these vintage flying jackets a very modern-day feel. Their cute to pair over a cute little dress or a tank and a cute skirt/skinnies!

Hope you've enjoyed! (:

Trend Alert: Ankle Socks with Heels are BACK!!

Socks and heels are BACK!!! I think their cute. If i wore HEELS! Im too much of a klutz to wear any heels so that is a NO-GO trend for me! But i think their totally cute! Who knows. Maybe i try being a little more careful and i could pull it off(:

Jeggings; A do or a dont?

Jeggings are a DO!! I think their cute and their just like skinny jeans but more comfortable and a THOUSAND times skinnier!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hobo Chic; Do or Dont?

In my opinion the new Hobo Chic look is a DONT!! Why would you TRY to look like a hobo? Its just not at all attractive with all the different types of plaids and everything.

New Topics!

OK So i joined our school's Fashion Club run by the marvelous Ruby Taylor SO She said if you want to get anywhere in fashion, that you need a website! So this is going to be mine. Ill be posting my opinions on current trends, and pictures of all the cute new clothes i get! (: Hope you enjoy!